Recurring Projects in TheWorxHub

A Recurring Project in TheWorxHub is simply a project template that has been given a recurrence pattern. 

Note:  Recurring projects is an advanced feature requiring existing knowledge of project templates. Before beginning with recurring projects please review Creating and Using Project Templates.

Note:  Recurring projects are available only for projects with a project type of same job on multiple locations or same job on multiple assets.

Making a Project Recur

Turning a project template into a recurring project from your Settings > Projects tab is easy.

Select an existing template. Click the Recurrence tab and...

  1. Select how often the project occurs (this is similar to scheduled work order recurrence patterns).
  2. Select the start and end dates of the project recurrence. (Note: This is not the start/end dates of the project. Those are defined in the template).
  3. Select how the work order due dates will be set:
    1. All work orders will be due on the project due date (set when the project generates).
    2. Work order due dates can be staggered from the project start date through the project end date.
      • Example: During an annual PTAC Filter change project you could set 2 Work Orders to be due every 1 day; or you could set 1 Work Order due every 3 days.


Note:  A recurring project will have the recurring symbol next to project type. symbol.jpg

Tip:  When a recurring project generates, you can still modify the resulting due dates of all the work orders in that project. See Managing Projects from the Projects Dashboard

A project template with a recurrence pattern can still be used as a normal project template and will not affect any future occurrences of the project.

Recurring projects will be generated automatically by the TheWorxHub. It is possible to pre-generate a recurring project by clicking Generate Now in the template or Generate Now from the Upcoming Scheduled WOs section on the dashboard.


Viewing Upcoming Projects

From the dashboard you can view your upcoming recurring projects together with the rest of you regular scheduled work orders. 

  1. From the dashboard, click Upcoming Sched WOs
    • This will show all upcoming recurring projects and work orders. A recurring project will have the word "Project:" preceding the project name.
  2. Click the Type drop-down menu and choose to view only projects, only scheduled work orders, or the default view Show All.dashboard.jpg

A Note About Project Start and Due Dates

When first creating your project template, you can define a project Start Date and Due Date.


Because this is a template, the actual dates are largely irrelevant. What matters is the number of days between the Start and Due dates. TheWorxHub will use this timespan to automatically calculate the Due Date for a project when you add a new project from template, or when a recurring project generates.

TheWorxHub can automatically override this timespan calculation and push your due date out if your settings in 3.b) (mentioned above) would require that.

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