Creating a New Project:
The same job in multiple locations

This type of project is common when performing an identical job in many different areas in your community, such as smoke detector inspections or carpet cleaning. Rather than manually creating a new Work Order for each location, you can create a Project and define the basic Work Order details once. TheWorxHub automatically generates a Work Order for each location identified in the Project.

The same job in multiple locations

Tip: Selecting locations is the most important part of creating a project of this type: The same job in multiple locations. There are a couple of features in the location picker to assist with this.

Select All, Unselect All

Each checkbox in the location picker selects only the single location that it is associated to. There is also the capability to select (and unselect) all locations under a 'parent' location. These actions are available as mouseovers on every parent location.



The list of locations can be filtered by type, care level, floor plan, resident room, unoccupied, and also by a smart search on unit and resident names. The number of filtered locations is shown in the filters box. Using Select All when a filter is applied, selects only the currently displayed (i.e., filtered) locations under that parent location.


Tip: In a same job in multiple locations project, every time you select Add Work Order to Project, TheWorxHub creates Work Orders for every selected location of the project. This effectively creates a multiple jobs in multiple locations project type.

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