Creating a New Project:
The same job on multiple assets

This type of project is similar to The same job in multiple locations, when performing an identical job on many different assets in your community.

Rather than manually creating a Work Order for each asset, you can create a Project and define the basic Work Order details once. TheWorxHub automatically generates a Work Order for each location associated with each asset identified in the Project.

The same job on multiple assets

Tip: Selecting assets is the most important part of creating a project of this type: The same job on multiple assets. There are a couple of features in the asset picker to assist with this.

Smart Search

The list of assets can be filtered by using the Smart Search filter. Text entered here is applied to Tag, Location, Description, Category, Model and/or Serial. The number of filtered assets is shown in the upper left.


Select All Check Box

The Select All checkbox will select all of the currently filtered assets.

The total number of assets currently selected is displayed below the list of assets.


Individual assets can be removed from the selected list by the Remove mouseover action.

The entire list of selected assets can be cleared with the Remove All action.

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