Completing an Emailed Survey

TheWorxHub allows a web link (URL) to be emailed to residents or staff so that they can complete a survey online.

1: Open the Email

The email with the survey link will appear in your email client coming from with a subject of "How Did We Do? We Want Your Feedback!"

Survey -email

2: Complete the Survey

Click the blue underlined hyperlink. This opens your web browser and takes you to the survey page.

  1. Use the score sheet to score each question. 
  2. Click I'm Done! Mark This as Complete button. This button will not appear until all questions are answered.

Fill -out -survey

Tip: Sometimes questions don't apply. If this is the case, click the Exclude action that appears to the right of each question when you hover your mouse over it. The question appears with a strike through it when excluded. You can click the Exclude action again to include a previously excluded question.

3: You're Done!

Once you've marked your survey as complete you are redirected to a page confirming success. Just close your browser and that's it!



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