Completing a QA Survey

1: Add a New Survey

Click the Add New… function on the dashboard and select QA Survey from the list of options.


2: Select a Survey Template

In the QA Survey wizard, click Select Survey to Begin, and select the type of survey you want to add (e.g. a resident satisfaction survey). Choose the location of the work and the staff member who carried it out in the Survey Reference section in the top right.

Note: If none of the existing surveys meet your needs, build a new survey template on the Surveys page, which you can find by first clicking the Settings tab on the dashboard.


3: Complete the Survey

Use the radio buttons in the survey grid to answer the survey questions. The wizard displays the accumulating score as a fraction and a percentage above the grid. Click I'm Done… to complete the survey.

Tip: Use the Exclude option to skip a question so it isn't calculated as part of the final score. Click Exclude again to turn the question back on. Use the Comment options to add further details about your answers.


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