Creating a Survey Template

Given the nature of the senior living industry, resident satisfaction is at the heart of all your work. Surveys offer an easy way to get feedback from residents on how well a department is meeting expectations. Surveys can be linked to work orders so they generate automatically when the order is printed or the work completed. Once created, each survey tracks its own average results over time.
Choose Settings and then Surveys to begin creating a new survey.


Existing surveys, with average scores and usage details, are displayed on the Surveys tab. Click the +New Survey Template button to begin designing a new survey. The New Survey Wizard takes you through the steps of building a new survey.


In step 1, choose a name for the survey, link the survey to one or more departments, and choose the type of survey it will be. Rating Scale surveys allow the responder to scale their agreement with statements you include in the survey. Checklist surveys capture straightforward Yes or No answers to questions asked in the survey. In step 2, choose how many questions / statements will be included, add instructions to help responders complete the survey, and write the actual questions or statements.


If you're using a Rating Scale survey, Step 3 is where you decide how broad the scale should be (this step is skipped in a Checklist survey). The default rating scale is set to 5 points, which is pretty standard for this type of survey, but you can adjust it if required. Step 3 is also where you write the rating scale headings - for example, the levels of satisfaction responders will use when completing the survey. It's a good idea to have a smooth continuum in your headings, from a worst case (e.g. very dissatisfied) to a best case (e.g. completely satisfied).



In the final step, add instructions to the survey - for example, to tell respondents what to do with completed surveys. If instructions are going to be the same for all your surveys, it may be more practical to save them to the Default Instructions section of the Surveys tab, from where they'll be appended to all new surveys. Step 4 also lets you set a time period after which the survey is automatically cancelled if not returned; this prevents records of unreturned surveys building up in the system over time.


Once you've built and published the new survey, it's displayed in the surveys list and can be linked to work orders.


Use the QA & Surveys panel at the foot of a work order to link an existing survey to that work order. Linked surveys are then displayed in the panel, with details of their status.


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