Emailing Surveys

When linking a survey to a work order, you can choose to have the survey emailed directly to a resident or an internal staff member where they can complete it online. Maybe you want to survey a resident on their satisfaction with a recent work order in their unit, or perhaps you want to see what another staff member in another department thought of your work. Here's how.

1: Link a Survey to an Open Work Order

This can be a brand new work order, or any open work order that already exists. Click the QA & Surveys panel to expand, then click the + New Survey button.

Link Survey

2: Edit Survey Settings

  1. Pick a survey.
  2. Choose a delivery type of Email.
  3. Choose who is responding to the survey.
    • Resident represents the resident residing in the work order location.
    • Staff member who added the work is the staff member who entered the work order in TheWorxHub originally, typically referred to as 'the requestor.'
    • A different staff member can be any staff member in TheWorxHub. Type in the empty field below to search for a staff member.

Email -survey -settings

Note: Verify the email address that appears when you select either option. If there is no email address, the survey cannot be emailed out. 

3: Click Save Where I'm At Button

This will save the configuration, and as soon as this work order is completed, an email will go out to the specified recipient. 

Save -where -im -at

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