Resident Billings

    Establishing Chargeback Rate Settings

    Before you can charge for a work order, you need to specify your various Chargeback rates. You can set up as many distinct Chargeback Rates as may apply to your department. These rates are typically a combination of hourly service rates and per-piece rates.

    Mark a Work Order as Bill to Resident

    Resident billings are done on a per work order basis. You can choose any one of 4 convenient ways to identify that a work order is billable.

    Automated Billing Logic

    Most resident billings are simple and straight forward, so all you have to do is indicate that the work order is billable and that it’s complete. TheWorxHub takes care of the rest.

    Customizing Billings on a Work Order

    There will be times when the automated billing logic doesn’t apply to the situation you need to bill for. When this happens, use the Work Order Billing Info panel to customize items for a work order.

    Printing an Invoice

    If you require a paper invoice for the billable work order, you can print the invoice from both inside the work order Billing Info panel and from the Billings to Send indicator on your dashboard.

    Marking a Scheduled Work Order as Bill to Resident

    There are times when a recurring work order such as a weekly or biweekly cleaning, or the annual deep cleans are charged for. Instead of filling in the charges on every work order when the job is done, you can set up the billing information in advance on the scheduled work order to further automate the billing process.

    Month End Best Practices

    Before sending anything to accounting, even though you may have been keeping a close eye on things all month, a thorough review of what you’re about to send is highly recommended.

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