Establishing Chargeback Rate Settings

Charging residents for services above and beyond their standard monthly fees is becoming more common all the time.  TheWorxHub fully supports fee-for-service billing (also known as 'chargebacks') for each of the departments managed through the system. 

Billings are calculated on a per work order basis and each department can have its own settings to reflect its specific fee structure and policies.  

To access your Chargeback Rate Settings, select Settings > Work Orders. The Chargeback Rate Settings section appears on the right.


1. Click a Department

Chargeback Rates are specific to a department. If you run multiple departments in TheWorxHub, each department has a tab containing the ChargeBack Rate Settings.

2. Establish Chargeback Rates

You can set up as many distinct Chargeback Rates as may apply to your department. These rates are typically a combination of hourly service rates and per-piece rates. In the following example, notice that there are 2 different hourly charges along with a couple of jobs that are priced on a per-piece or per-job basis. Think of this as the price list you'll use when adding charges to a work order. The list can be as long as is right for your community.

Charge -back -rate -settings -rate -setup

Rate:  Enter the dollar value for a quantity of 1.  For example, on a work order that has 3 hours of work and you choose the standard housekeeping rate of $15.00, the total charge will be $45.00. 

Default:  As you create your price list, only one in the list can be set up as the default fee that is automatically entered into the work order when you choose to charge for the work.

Check the checkbox to indicate the default rate. 

Enable:  When you first set up your charge rates, you'll choose to enable all of them.  You would disable (uncheck enable checkbox) if at some date in the future you no longer charge for a particular service.  It is not possible to delete Rate Names as they may have been used for billings in the past.

Best Practice: The Rate Name list can be as long as it useful for your community. It is best to set up as many different items in the Chargeback Rates as you have on a standard fee list. There are times when you need to invoice for something that is entirely unique and not part of the standard fee list. In that case, use the *Flat Fee option available when creating the invoice. See Customizing Invoicing on a Work Order .

3. Default Billing Code

The Billing Codes which, like Chargeback Rates Names, are set up in the Settings > Pick Lists area, and are meant to be the revenue accounts to which resident charges are posted.  For example, you might have one or two for maintenance and another several for housekeeping and yet other revenue account for landscaping billings.  The Billing Code list would contain all these account codes and you'll determine which of these should be the default - the most commonly used code that will be automatically selected for billings.

Select the default billing code from the drop down list.

4. Bill for Inventory

Check off the checkbox to indicate that you do want inventory items used on a billable work order to be charged for.

Enter a percentage in the markup field if you wish to add a mark-up amount to billable inventory.

5. Billing Contact

Select the name of the staff member who would answer questions regarding the billings such as the housekeeping, maintenance or landscaping director.   The pull down list consists of all staff members names entered into the Staff/Contractors section of TheWorxHub.

6. Billable Hours Rounding

TheWorxHub can automatically calculate the amount of the billings for time-based charges by simply multiplying the time logged by the worker by the default rate type.  Rarely is it practical to charge for the precise number of minutes such as 4 or 9 or 13 and so on.  Instead, select from the following rounding methods:

  • none (use entered labor time)
  • Round up to next 15 minute interval
  • Round up to next 30 minute interval
  • Round to next hour

The amount billed on a work order is calculated as the default rate multiplied by time spent, rounded according to the rounding method chosen. See Automated Billing Logic.

7. Invoice Instructions

Text entered into the invoice instructions appear only on printed invoices. See Printing an Invoice.

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