Mark a Work Order as Bill to Resident

Resident billings are done on a per work order basis.  You can choose any one of 4 convenient ways to identify that a work order is billable.

1. The Work Order Billing Info Panel

When you're updating the details of a work order, the most convenient way to mark a work order as billable is open the billings panel.  

Simply click the Billing Info panel to open the panel and check the Bill to Resident checkbox.  The calculations take place immediately.

Billing -panel

Note: If background data changes, such as labor time or inventory consumed, you can recalculate the data in this panel. See Recalculating Billings.

 2. Quick Complete

From the dashboard, use the mouse-over actions to the right of the work order to select the complete option. If the work order has been assigned, the Quick Complete pop-out appears where you can fill in or change a few completion details.

Click the Bill to Resident checkbox to denote that the work order is to be billed.

Quick -complete -billing

When you click Save, the billing amounts are calculated according to the automated billing logic and the Chargeback Rate Settings.

Tip: on the dashboard, the lightning bolt icon - Can Quick Complete - indicates that labor is assigned and the work order is ready for 'Quick Complete.'

3. Completion Wizard

The Completion Wizard is a convenient four (4) step process that presents each of the 4 work order panels that are relevant for closing and billing work orders:

  • Step 1:  notes and completion date and time (Completion Detail panel)
  • Step 2:  adding or removing workers from the work order and the time worked for each (Labor panel)
  • Step 3:  adding or removing inventory items used on the work order (Inventory panel)
  • Step 4:  the billing information otherwise found on the billings panel in the work order (Billing Info panel)

Completion -wizard -billing

Naturally, you could edit all the same details in the work order panels rather than use the wizard.  The Wizard, however, is far more convenient as it's launched right from the dashboard. 

Use the Completion Wizard when you need to check on or adjust the details of the work order such as additional workers and time worked and/or chargeable inventory items.  

The Completion wizard can be launched in two different ways, either: 

  • automatically when you select complete from the  mouse-over actions to the right of a work order IF a worker has not been assigned to the work order or 
  • when you click 'launch completion wizard' from the Quick Complete window.

4. Mobile Completion Status Panel

If you're running our Mobile app, you can specify whether the work order should be billed to a resident on the Completion Status panel.

Mobile -billing

This panel is visible when you change the status of a work order to Completed. Work orders with 'Bill to Resident' checked on the Mobile app will have automated billing logic applied. To customize the billings of these work orders beyond the automated billing logic,  edit the Billing Info panel of a work order from a desktop pc.

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