Resident Requests: Adding a Request

1: Choose a Department

On the Requestor Portal, click the button for the department you want to make the work request to - for example, Maintenance.

Note: The number of buttons you see depends on how many of TheWorxHub applications your community uses, and on which departments you're set up to request work from.


2: Describe the Work

On the New Request form, enter a short description of the work you need in the Description field. Use the Detail field to add more information about the work request.

Tip: As the text in the Description field is the first thing department personnel see when they review your request, keep it clear and concise. If you have more information, put it into the Detail field. This makes it easier for the technician to estimate how long the job will take and what tools are needed.


3: Check and Save the Request

Check that all the information on the request form is accurate and correct, then click I'm Done. Once you've saved a request, you'll be able to see and track it on your Recent Requests widget on the right in your Requestor Portal.


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