Resident Requests: Checking the Status of a Request

1: Search for the Request

Click the Search tab to open the Search page.

Tip: To check the status of a very recent request, look for it first in the Your Recent Requests widget on the Requestor Portal. Point your mouse to the colored status indicator to see the current status, or click to open and review the request.

Search Tabs

2: Refine the Search

The Search page displays all the requests made from your account in the search grid. Enter a keyword into the Simple Search field at the top right of the grid to narrow the search to just the requests that contain that word. Locate the request you want in the search grid. Its current status is shown in the Status column (second from the left).

Search Page

3: Check the Log

Double click the to open the request. Click and expand the Log panel at the bottom of the form to see more information about changes made to the request, who made them, and when.

Log Panel

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