Resident Requests: Email Invites - The Resident Perspective

Within a few minutes of your service department sending an email invite, you will receive an email to your inbox.

1. Click link on the "Welcome to TheWorxHub" email

This email contains a unique link which will take you to your "Account management" page where you can change your Username and create your Password.

Email invite

Note: Sometimes this email invite will end up in a junk/spam folder. It's important to look in your junk or spam folder if the email hasn't arrived in a few minutes. If the email is found in the junk/spam folder, use the junk mail tools to specify that our email address or domain is a 'safe sender.'

2. Create a Password and Submit

After clicking the link in the email, your web browser will open to the account management page in TheWorxHub. On this page you should:

  1. Change your Username if you want to use something different than what your service department specified for you.
  2. Type in a Password in the "New Password" field (ignore the Old Password field, as you don't have a previous password).
  3. Retype the password in the "Confirm Password" field.
  4. Click Submit.

Note: Do not create a bookmark or favorite in your browser for this Account management page. After clicking Submit you are redirected to the main login page. This login page is the page you should bookmark so you can easily access TheWorxHub. For more details on bookmarking, creating favorites and desktop shortcuts, see the topic Creating Bookmarks and Favorites for TheWorxHub.

Email event

3. Login to TheWorxHub

After updating and submitting your Username and Password, the main login page will load. You can login using the Username and Password that you just created. For more on Logging into TheWorxHub, see Resident Requests: Logging In

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