Room Bookings

    Getting Started With Room Bookings

    The Room Bookings app is more than just blocking off a room on a calendar -- each room booking event can include setup and tear down tasks that span multiple departments such as maintenance, IT or housekeeping. On top of that, the equipment reservation feature ensure various mobile equipment such as projectors, PA systems and tripod screens can be reserved and everyone can tell what equipment is available and when.

    Identifying Rooms as Bookable

    In order for residents and activity coordinators to book a room, you must first make the rooms available for booking.

    Identifying Assets That Can Be Reserved

    When booking a room, residents and activity coordinators may need to reserve equipment, such as video projectors, sound systems, or coffee makers, that are needed for their event. You will need to identify these items as assets that can be reserved.

    Create setup and tear down task templates

    You can create templates for common event setup and tear down tasks. Use these templates to quickly and easily assign these common tasks to the appropriate department.

    Submitting a Room Request

    Many of your users will have limited access to only submit a request which is then subject to approval.

    Managing Room Bookings From The Dashboard

    From your Room Bookings dashboard you can view and approve room requests as well as view, print and cancel upcoming room bookings.

    Managing Room Bookings From The Calendar

    The Calendar View offers you an easy way to view and manage all room bookings from one intuitive screen.

    Recurring Room Bookings

    Many events happen over and over on a set schedule. Use recurring room bookings to add the event once, including all setup/tear down tasks, and make it repeat automatically over time.

    Integrate Your Room Booking Calendar with Outlook

    You can publish your Room Booking calendar such that you can view it on any Exchange enabled device such as desktop Outlook, or the calendar app on your iOS or Android device.

    Attendees (PRO)

    The Room Bookings Pro Edition allows for robust attendee tracking, sign-up forms, attendance and waiting lists.

    Billings (PRO)

    With the Room Bookings Pro edition you can track and manage billings for any type of room booking, activity or catering fee. Bill residents, departments or anyone at all!

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