Managing Attendees (Pro Edition)

If you own the Room Bookings Pro Edition, you get access to advanced attendee tracking to help in managing events, waiting lists and to streamline the resident billing process.

About The Attendees Tab


The attendee tab lets you:

  • specify a maximum capacity for an event
  • add residents, staff, or other ad hoc people (caregivers, family, visitors) as attendees
  • print event sign-up forms
  • manage wait lists
  • take attendance
  • mark attendees as cancelled

Set Max Capacity


Setting a maximum capacity for an event provides two main benefits:

1. Control Available Sign-up Slots on Printed Sign-up Form

Once you've set your maximum capacity, click the Save button that appears to the right. This number will determine how many lines appear on the printed sign up form. This form is great to print and post on a bulletin board or insert into an event sign-up binder to allow your residents to sign-up for events. At the end of week, or before the event, you can grab that form and use it to link residents inside the room bookings attendee tab -- then you can reprint a new version to post!


Tip: With any sign up form we always include 5 extra lines in a waiting list section at the bottom. Also, if attendees are already created in TheWorxHub, their names will print on the sign up form as well as as empty lines assuming you haven't reached your capacity already.

2. Manage Waiting Lists

Once you've set your maximum capacity, TheWorxHub automatically builds a waiting list for you. As you add attendees, once you hit your capacity, subsequent attendees will start to appear on your waiting list.


If you've reached your maximum capacity and are running a waiting list, you can promote people from the waiting list once you cancel or remove previous attendees. Let's say you mistakenly added someone, just mouse-over their attendee record and click Remove.


If you want to track people who've cancelled, just click the mouse-over cancel link on their attendee record. 


Cancelling keeps them on the attendee list, but moves them to the bottom and shows a strikethrough on their name. This is a good practice to use the cancel function as it will allow for future analysis on residents who frequently sign-up then cancel. It also frees up a spot so that you can promote people from the wait list.


Now that some spots are freed up you can mouse-over your waiting list people and click Promote to move them from the wait list onto the attendee list.


Adding Attendees

Use the Add Attendees section to type in names/unit numbers to find residents to add. You can even search names of staff members to add to an event. Once you click on their name, they're automatically added and saved. 


Tip: To add people who aren't in your resident or staff database, such as family members, caregivers or other people, click the Add an Ad Hoc Attendee link.

Taking Attendance

One hour before a room booking event is set to start your attendee tab automatically switches to Attendance Mode where you can begin to take attendance. To enable attendance mode in advance, just click the Take Attendance button.


Once in attendance mode, use the toggles to mark people as attended. At any point during taking attendance, if you have any No Show attendees you can promote people who are on your waiting list.


Attendance On Mobile

If you're using our mobile app, you can also manage attendance. You can take attendance in a similar way right from your phone or tablet if you're at the event.


Use the hamburger menu to the left of an attendee to access advanced features to remove or cancel an attendee.


At the bottom of the attendee list is your waiting list. Use the hamburger menu to the left of your waiting list to promote waiting list people as attendees.


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