Managing Billings (Pro Edition)

With the Room Bookings Pro Edition you can track and manage billings pertaining to room bookings, activities and catering. Whether you're billing all attendees, or a single host, or charging another department, it can all be managed from Room Bookings Pro.

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Defining Your Billable Items

To setup the various items that you might charge for, this can be done under Settings > Misc > Room Bookings. There is no limit to the number of charges you can setup.


This can be anything such as:

  • room reservation fees
  • A/V setup or equipment rental
  • catering items
  • event tickets
  • cancellation fees
  • hourly rentals

The only limit is your creativity! 

Click the Add New Fee button to create a new billable option. You can also specify an internal fee and external fee. Supporting two different fees can simplify the process or charging a lower rate for your own residents, compared to situations where you rent out your spaces to external parties for weddings, meetings or other events.


Think of these fees as the list prices. These can then be changed on the fly with any room booking billable just by overwriting the default price.

  • You can define a Billing Code for each item. The billing code options come from Settings > Pick Lists > Billing Code.
  • Include by Default will always add this fee to any room booking billing.
  • Catering Item allows you to specify more details specific to catering such as how many it serves, further details about the item as well as a picture.

Rbpro -billing -settings -fees -catering

Tip: Any item flagged as a Catering Item will also be available on the Setup/Tear Down tab under the Add Catering section. You can build out catering requirements for any event using the items you setup here.

Marking a Room Booking As Billable

On your room booking form, the new Billing tab lets you define in detail exactly how the event should be billed. Just check the Billable checkbox and define your billing mode.


The various billing modes have specific use cases and features to allow lots of flexibility.

Per Attendee Mode

This is common for some resident activities where there are fees for participation and often for catering costs. In the Per Attendee mode, all residents on the Attendee tab who were marked as attended will get individual bills. 

  • Use the Include Staff checkbox to also create a bill for any staff members who attended.
  • Use the Also Bill Ad-hoc Attendees checkbox to create a bill for family, caregivers, or other ad hoc people who have attended.
  • Bill Cancelled/No Show Attendees checkbox overrides the default of only creating bills for those who attended. If you want to create a bill for those who cancelled their sign up or for those who just didn't show, use this option. It's typical that you'd have a specific cancellation fee established to charge in these cases.

Host Mode

In this case you can choose 1 person who is footing the bill. The person must be an attendee. Just pick them from the list of attendees and click Add. A great example of when this gets used -- let's say Mr. Wilson is throwing a surprise party for his wife in the private dining room. He would get charged as the host, and foot any costs for room fees or catering.

Rbpro -billing -hostmode

Department Mode

Use this in cases where the fees are coming out of a specific department budget -- think catering charging fees to the Maintenance department for providing lunch and refreshments to all staff attending an on-site training session. Simply pick the Department name, a staff department contact and click Save. When in department mode, we don't require attendees on the attendee tab, you can just pick a department and contact on the fly when creating the bill.

Rbpro -billing -department -mode

Tip: you can mark a room booking as billable at any time, well before an event, even before you have attendees or on recurring room booking templates. A reminder to reconcile the bill after the event has taken place will show up on your Room Bookings dashboard so you can fine tune your billables.

Creating a Bill for an Attendee, Host or Department

The mechanics are the same no matter what the billing mode is, but the screenshots below will apply most to Per Attendee billing mode as it's the most common.

Add One or Many Items to An Attendee

Choose one of your attendees on the Billings tab and click Add New Charge.


In the Add Billable Items pop-up select the checkboxes for the internal or external rates for all the items you wish to bill, then click Add.

rbpro-billing-attendee-select items.png

Adjust Quantity and Price and Apply to All

Now assuming all attendees are being charged the same, you can click Apply to All to replicate this bill across all attendees. If any fine-tuning needs to happen on prices, billing codes or event quantities, you can edit each of those items before applying. Remember to click the Save button to save the changes on the Billing tab.


Tip: For times when you have lots of attendees to bill and there is some variation on what you're charging, always start with the most common bill. Once you create that for one attendee, apply it to all, then edit just the anomalies. A good example is a boxed lunch fee. Maybe 8 attendees had the non-vegan version and 2 had the vegan version. Apply the non-vegan boxed lunch to all attendees, then just edit the 2 who had the vegan version.

Reviewing and Exporting Billings From Your Dashboard

Throughout a given month, as you start to flag room bookings as billable, these billings aggregate on your Room Bookings dashboard under an indicator called Room Booking Billings


Here you'll see any billings where the Bill Date is today or earlier and the Sent to Accounting date is has not been set. Every person who's listed on the room booking Billing tab will appear as a record on your dashboard.

You should consider reviewing this dashboard monthly with a goal of exporting your billings to one of the 4 available formats, or printing invoices (coming soon). Once the billings have been communicated, you can use the Mark As Sent To Accounting action to clear it's from your dashboard.

Exporting Billings

With various billing recipients such as residents, departments, staff and ad hocs, you might want to provide that data differently to accounting depending on who is being billed. 

For resident billings, you'll probably want to export to AOD, HealthMedX/Vision or PointClickCare formats. To quickly access just resident billings, use the Drill Down Filter called Bill Type and hide the non-resident varieties so you're just working with resident billings.

Rbpro -billing -attendee -dashboard -drill -down -type

Now use the Select All action at the top of the list to select all visible billings, then click the Export batch action to choose the export format.


Tip: For AOD exports, there's a couple prerequisits with company numbers and resident account numbers. Review this blog post for more info.

Once you've successfully exported your billings, it's important to use the Mark As Sent To Accounting action to remove them from your dashboard in order to make room for the next month's billings.

Note that in all exports we're exporting each line item. So a resident might be billed for $19 which is comprised of $10 event ticket and $9 boxed lunch -- in the export you'll see those two line items, each with potentially separate billing codes.


Printing Invoices (Coming Soon)

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