Create Setup & Tear Down Task Templates

You can create templates for common event setup and tear down tasks. Use these templates to quickly and easily assign these common tasks to the appropriate department.

Go to Settings > Templates

  1. Click on +Add Work Order Template.
  2. Enter the information for the template, including Department, Priority (usually By Appointment for event based templates), and Description.
  3. Make the template available for Room Bookings and select if this template applies to Room Setup, Room Tear Down, or Both.
  4. Click the arrow next to Save and select Save as Template.

Tip: Use the Appt Start and Appt End fields to specify how long the job typically takes. The actual times you enter don't matter at this stage, it's the time between them. In the screenshot below, TheWorxHub will always know that this job is about 30 minutes. Knowing the length of time helps TheWorxHub to block off an appropriate timeslot on the calendar.

4Setup Task Template.png

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