Recurring Room Bookings

Many events happen over and over on a set schedule. Use recurring room bookings to add the event once, including all setup/tear down tasks, and make it repeat automatically over time.

You Need a Special Permission

  1. Click Settings > Users
  2. Select the Role to update
  3. Expand the Room Bookings Panel
  4. Check the permission Can Create Recurring Room Bookings

Tip: if you don't have access to the Settings tab, talk to your administrator of TheWorxHub. If you don't know who that is contact us!

Make a Recurring Template From An Existing Room Booking

In order to make a room booking event recur, you first need an event to start with. This can be any booked or completed event. You can even take an incoming request, book it, then make it recur.

When in your Room Booking Info tab, click the Make This a Recurring Event link in the top right.


A new room booking template is created. You can make this template repeat over time.

  1. Click the Recurrence tab.
  2. Specify the recurrence pattern.
    Pick the Start Date of the series. If automatically defaults to the day after the original event used to created the template, but you can move this to any other future date as well. You can optionally add an End Date if this recurring event should stop repeating at a point in the future.
  3. For the option "Allow editing of instances up to X days in advance" specify a number of days into the future that you want the calendar to forecast and allow editing of specific instances. As an example, for a weekly event, TheWorxHub will default to allow you to edit future events 90 days in advance. 
  4. Use the Event Start Time and End Time to specify the time of day that this event occurs. This automatically defaults to the time of day of the original event used to create the template.RecurringRB-2.jpg
  5. Click Save Schedule.

TheWorxHub Updates Your Calendar

Once you've created your recurring room booking, your calendar automatically gets updated with the events.



In many cases other departments are involved in a room booking. Your maintenance and housekeeping departments might have special setup and tear down tasks associated with these events. Because we want those departments to get some advanced warning for scheduling purposes, TheWorxHub automatically reviews your recurring room bookings every night and 'generates' the next 14 days work of room events thus creating setup/tear down work orders for other departments.

Edit Any Instance from the Calendar

In the case where something has changed about a specific date in your series of recurring events, you can always edit an upcoming instance without impacting the series.

Maybe three Fridays from now, the evening movie night needs to be moved to Thursday because of HVAC maintenance in the regular room.  Perhaps you need to cancel a future event, or just change the time. You can do this by finding the event on your calendar, using the monthly view is often easiest, then double-clicking on it. 

From here you can edit just one instance, or update the whole series.



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