Adding a Scheduled Work Order from a Template

1: Add a New Scheduled Work Order

From the main dashboard, click the "Add New…" function and select Scheduled Work Order from the list of options.


2: Pick Template

Click "Pick Template" on the New Scheduled Work Order.


3: Select Template

In the template picker, choose the appropriate template and click "Use Selected Template". The Scheduled Work Order will be created from the template.


4: Set Location

Use the Location picker to set the location for the Scheduled Work Order.


5: Save the Scheduled Work Order

Click "Save" to save the new Schedule Work Order. A Sched # will be assigned.


6: Check the first occurrence

The recurrence pattern is set from the template. A start date of today's date is assigned. Check the next generation date for the Scheduled Work Order. If necessary, adjust the next generation date by changing the Start Date in the Recurrence panel. Click "Change?" to bring up the Recurrence panel.



7: Update additional panels

If required, assign Labor, Inventory, and/or Assets as required for the Scheduled Work Order.


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