Adding a Scheduled Work Order

1: Add a New Scheduled Work Order

Click the Add New… function on the dashboard and select Scheduled Work Order from the list of options.

Scheduled Work Order under Add NEw navigation

2: Enter Details and Save

Fill out the scheduled work order just as you would a regular work order and click Save. After the scheduled work order has saved, the Recurrence form is automatically displayed.

Note: You must complete and save the scheduled work order before you can set a recurrence schedule.

scheduled work order

3: Set the Recurrence Schedule

In the section for Time Based Recurrence, choose between Daily, Weekly, Monthly, or Yearly recurrence on the left. Set the recurrence pattern on the right, then click Save.

Tip: Use the Range of Recurrence options to set the time period when the scheduled work order is active. Work orders are not generated outside these dates. Use Auto-complete… to have work orders self-complete a specified time after they're generated. This is useful for small, repetitive tasks.

Time Based Recurrence

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