Setting a 'Grace Period' on Scheduled Work Orders

1: Update scheduled work order settings

Click the Settings tab, then Work Order tab, then scroll to the Scheduled Work Order Settings are in the bottom left.

Scheduled -work -order -settings

2: Update 'days until due' for each time based recurrence

Type in the number of days into the future the due date should be set when a scheduled work order generates. Click the Save button below this section.

These 'days until due' numbers are being set for each type of frequency -- ie. daily, weekly, monthly, yearly. You can configure these for each department if you're running multiple departments in TheWorxHub.

Note: You can leave the 'days until due' as zero if you want the due date to be set to the date the scheduled work order generates. This is recommended for scheduled work orders that have a daily recurrence pattern or for highly rigid schedules such as housekeeping schedules.

Note: Use the Skip Saturday/Sunday checkboxes to ensure the due date does not fall on those days when it gets set. If these are working days and it is acceptable to have a Saturday or Sunday due date, then leave these unchecked.


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