Adding a Contact to a Contractor Record

1: Add a New Contact

Open the contractor or supplier profile you want to add a new contact to and click + New Contact.

Tip: Use the Global Search function on the dashboard to quickly search through and find individual contractors.


2: Enter Contact Details

Enter name, address, and other details in the available fields on the Add New Contact form. Add additional information about the contact in the Notes field.

Note: Email and website details added to the form appear as live links on the contractor profile, making it easy to send emails and visit the contractor's web page.


3: Choose Contact Options

Select one or more departments that will use this person as their contact. Select the Make Primary Contact checkbox to make the person the primary contact when dealing with this contractor, then click Save.

Tip: Make someone a primary contact if they're the best person in the company to go to for answers and advice. Primary contacts are also searchable by name when adding labor to a work order.

Note: You may add multiple contacts for the same contractor, and assign different contacts to different departments in your organization.


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