Adding a New Contractor

1: Add a Contractor

Click the Add New… function on the dashboard and select Staff/Contractor/Supplier from the list of options.

Add New… function

2: Flip to the Contractor Form

Select the Contractor radio button to flip the Staff/Vendor Info form to Contractor view.

Note: If the company is a supplier rather than a contractor, flip to Supplier view instead. If the company is both a contractor and a supplier, enter them as a contractor.

Staff/Vendor Information form, Supplier radio button

3: Enter Contractor Details

Choose a department and a role for the new contractor from the available pick lists. Enter the name and trade of the contracting person or company in the Company Name and Trades fields, and click Save.

Tip: After saving the new contractor, use the +New Contact button, and the expandable panels that appear at the bottom of the form, to add contact, rate, and certification information to the contractor.

Staff/Vendor Information form, Company Name and Trades fields

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