Adding a New Staff Member

1: Add a Staff Member

Click the Add New… function on the dashboard and select Staff/Contractor/Supplier from the list of options.

Add New… function

2: Enter Staff Details

Choose a department and a role for the new staff member from the available pick lists. Enter the person's name in the First Name and Last Name fields and click Save.

Tip: Use roles to control the level of access a staff member has to TheWorxHub. Managers have full access to functions and settings. While Technicians have more limited access, both can be assigned to carry out work. Requestors can submit work requests but cannot be assigned to carry out work.

department and new staff member pick lists

3: Enter Additional Information

Enter address and contact details in the available fields. Enter one or more trades or specialties in the Trades field (separate trades with a comma). Use the expandable panels at the bottom of the form to enter more information, such as working hours, pay rates, and certifications held.

Note: When you add accurate information about a staff member's trades, it helps the person assigning labor to make sure the most qualified person is assigned to the work.

Staff Vendor Information form

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