Creating a User Account

1: Open the Staff Profile

Open the profile for the staff member you want to give a user account to.

Tip: Use the Global Search function on the dashboard to quickly search through and find individual staff profiles.


2: Create a Username and Password

Enter an email address in the Email field and a unique username in the Username field. Type a password in the Password field and type the same password in the Retype Password field, then click Save.

Best Practice: Use strong passwords to make user accounts more secure. A good password is at least seven characters long, does not contain the person's real name, username, or the company name, and ideally contains a mix of capital letters, small letters, and numbers.


3: Test the Account

Log out of TheWorxHub, then log back in using the new username and password to make sure they're working correctly.

Best Practice: Teach staff and other users the basics of password security: don't share your password with others and don't leave it written down close to your computer. Ideally, memorize it and shred any written copies of it.


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