Printing a Staff Schedule

The Staff Schedule report is an ideal way to print a list of work assignments for each staff member. It provides a streamlined look at the workload for a staff member with all jobs sorted by due date and appointment time.

1: Open the Staff Schedule report form

Go to your Reports tab > Staff/Contractors > Staff Schedule.

Staff -schedule -report -filters

2: Filter on a Scheduled Date

Use the Scheduled Date pick list filter to select the time-frame for printing the schedule.

Scheduled -date -filter

Tip: If today is Wednesday, 'Next 7 days' represents from today to the following Tuesday. 'Next calendar week' represents the following Monday to Sunday.


3: Filter on one or many staff members

Click the Magnify  magnify glass to the right of the Worker filter to open the Select Workers pop-up. Use the search function to find staff members and click the checkbox to the left of their name to select them.

Note: As soon as staff are selected, they appear at the bottom of the Select Workers pop-up. Click the 'remove' link below their name to remove them from your filter selection.

Staff -filter


4:  Run the report

Click the Run Report button to generate the staff schedule. A preview opens in a pop-up window. Right-click, then select print to send the report to your printer. 

Note:  When running this report for multiple staff members, TheWorxHub will insert a page break between each staff member.

Note:  When running this report for future dates, upcoming scheduled work orders will show '#tbd' instead of a work order number, as they have yet to be assigned a number.

Tip:  Use the Show Past Incomplete Work checkbox in the Options area to display overdue work that is not yet complete.
Past -incomplete 

A tour of the report

See the image below for a description of the various parts of the report.

Report -tour

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