Adding a Trip Request

    A trip request allows you to request transportation services for your residents, for things like medical or doctors appointments, trips to restaurants, or other personal trips.

    Adding Passengers

    At the time of creating a trip or trip request, the first step is to pick 'who's going' on the trip. In TheWorxHub these are passengers. This topic reviews how to select passengers from your resident database, as well as adding 'Ad Hoc' passengers on-the-fly.

    Assigning a Driver

    Assigning a driver is a key step in ensuring your transportation schedule accurately reflects availability of resources. Assigning drivers to trips can help you forecast each driver's availability and can help prevent double-booking of trips.

    Scheduling a Pickup

    When you drop off a resident, and need to return at a later time to pick them up, use the Pickup feature to easily create a new trip for the pickup task.

    Recurring Trips

    Many trips are planned and recur over time, such as weekly or monthly trips. The Transportation App allows you to create a single template and assign a recurrence pattern to automatically generate trips.

    Editing Recurring Trips

    From time to time, one or many details of a recurring trip need to change. TheWorxHub has an easy way to update the recurring template, and all open and previously generated instances of that trip.

    Completing Trips

    Marking trips complete is a key part of the daily workflow in transportation. This ensures that all trips appearing on the dashboard, mobile and printed schedules are only the trips that are still active.

    Mobile Worx for Transportation

    Using Mobile Worx for transportation allows your drivers to take their schedule with them on their smart phone or tablets. Get full trip details, your passenger roster, directions and even mark trips complete as you go.

    Trip Billings

    TheWorxHub allows your transportation department to bill residents in a variety of ways. Whether you bill by mileage, time, fixed cost or a combination; TheWorxHub makes setting up your options quick and easy.

    Custom Billables

    TheWorxHub allows you to have custom billable items. The most common example of a custom billable item is an event ticket for an organized special event.

    Blocking Non-Working Hours

    As your transportation department relies heavily on the availability of drivers and displaying their schedule on a calendar, TheWorxHub supports blocking off non-working hours.

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