Adding a Trip Request

A trip request allows you to request transportation services for your residents, for things like medical or doctors appointments, trips to restaurants, or other personal trips.

Note: A trip request is not a booked trip. Your transportation services coordinator will still need to accept the trip and assign a driver and vehicle.

Important Details to Know Before Submitting a Trip Request

In order to submit your request with all the detail necessary to help your transportation services coordinator fully understand the trip and the resource requirements, you'll need to know the following:

Who is going on the Trip? TheWorxHub refers to these as Passengers which are typically residents living in your community. Knowing their name or apartment/unit number will help you find them in the passenger selection. You can have one or many passengers on a trip.

What day is the trip on? TheWorxHub refers to this as the Trip Date.

Where are you going? TheWorxHub refers to this as the Destination. It's possible to have many destinations if the trip is going to several places, like to the bank, then the doctors.

What time do you need to be there? TheWorxHub refers to this as the Appointment TIme. Most trips will have a specific time that the passenger needs to be there, such as a doctors appointments. Just specify the appointment time and TheWorxHub takes care of determining how long it will take to get there and when you need to depart.

Add A Trip Request

On your Requestor Tab, click the Transportation Button to begin your Trip Request.

Note: The number of buttons you see depends on which departments in your community use TheWorxHub, and on the permissions that are assigned to your personal account.


Watch, Listen & Learn: Adding a Trip Request

Adding a Trip Request

This Watch, Listen and Learn video provides step-by-step instruction on how to add a new trip request.


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