Adding Passengers

In TheWorxHub, the people being transported we refer to as passengers. The majority of your passengers will be residents stored in TheWorxHub resident database and you can use the standard resident/unit search to find your passengers.


There are several cases where you might want to add someone to a trip who is not stored in your main resident database and therefore won't be found when using the resident/unit search. This might include:

  • Healthcare center or skilled nursing residents
  • Resident family members
  • Staff
  • RSA, home health workers, escorts, caregivers, etc

In cases like this, we can add these people as Ad Hoc Passengers.


The video below will guide you through everything you need to know about Adding Passengers, including using Ad Hoc Passengers.

Note: The ad hoc passenger feature is controlled by permissions. In order to see this feature your security role needs a permission for Transportation > Can Add Ad Hoc Passengers. To update your role go to Settings Tab > Users, or ask your system adminstrator to grant you this permission.

Adding Passengers

This Watch, Listen and Learn video provides step-by-step instructions on how to add passengers to a trip..


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