Blocking Non-Working Hours

As your transportation department relies heavily on the availability of drivers and displaying their schedule on a calendar, TheWorxHub supports blocking off non-working hours. 

Update Staff > Working Hours

In order to specify a drivers working days and working schedule, you'll first need to update your driver staff records.


  • Go to Search > Staff Contractors
  • Use filters to search for your driver staff list.
  • Click a driver name to pop-up their staff form.
  • Expand the Working Hours panel.
  • Uncheck days of the week where the driver is not available..
  • Fine-tune the work start/end times to accurately reflect typical working hours.
  • Click Save.

Working Hours Reflected on Transportation Calendars

Now, anytime you view your transportation calendar and switch to your Driver view, you'll see their non-working hours greyed out to indicate that trips should not be assigned to them during this time.


Working Hours Reflected in Driver Timeline View When Assigning Drivers

When you're assigning a driver to a trip, a unique timeline view appears showing all driver schedules during that trip's departure/return window. Each driver's working hours are also reflected here to ensure you have a clear picture of availability.


Coming Soon: a few additions are coming soon where we'll also support Away From Work settings where you can specify vacation days or personal appointments where your driver is away from work.

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