Editing Recurring Trips

When you have a recurring trip setup that automatically generates on a schedule, there will come a time when one or many details of that recurring trip need to change. 

Behind the scenes there is a recurring template with all of the trip details set to a schedule. This recurring trip generates several instances of the trip in advance so that you can forecast your upcoming schedule and easily make changes to individual instances when necessary. If, however, the trip details are changing permanently, it's best to find and edit the original recurring trip template so that moving forward the generated trips are accurate and you don't need to keep editing them as they generate.

Note: Examples of recurring trips  might include a weekly grocery shopping trip, a monthly trip to the symphony, or a weekly dialysis appointment for a resident.

Let's use the example of a weekly dialysis appointment for a resident Jean Paul Duhammel. Originally his appointment was at 10am, but now it has changed to 2pm. Here's what you should do:

Find The Recurring Trip Template

Use your search tab by going to Search > Trips.

  1. Apply filters such as part of a trip name to help narrow down the selection.
  2. Click the Recurring Only filter checkbox to limit the results to just the recurring templates.
  3. Click Search Now.

Find -recurring -trip

This returns all recurring template matching the filters. To edit a template, click the trip name to pop-up the recurring trip form for editing.

Make Edits and Update Upcoming Trip Instances

  1. Make any edits required such as assigned drivers, vehicles, trip times, destinations, notes etc. 
  2. Before saving, click the Update upcoming trip instances checkbox.
  3. Click the Save button.

Update -upcoming 

The update upcoming trip instances option scans through all pre-generated instances of that trip that are in the future and applies the same changes. In the example of my dialysis appointment, TheWorxHub had already pre-generated 4 instances that were visible on my dashboard. This technique will apply my changes to those future dated trips and all newly generated trips moving forward.

Note: You cannot use this technique to change the trip date for pre-generated trips. For example, if the trip was set to recur every Friday but now it's moving to Monday, you can change the recurrence pattern on the original recurring trip, but any pre-generated trips will need to be edited manually to change the trip date.

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