Recurring Trips

Your transportation department likely has several trips that happen on a schedule, like daily, weekly, monthly or annual trips. You can setup these recurring trips to occur automatically over time.

Note: Prior to setting up a recurring trip, consider how far in advance you want passenger to be able to 'sign up' as TheWorxHub will generate these trips a number of days in advance to allow you to assign passengers, drivers and vehicles. For example, a weekly trip might be set to allow sign up 4 weeks in advance, which means there are always 4 instances of the trip available for sign up.

Examples of Recurring Trips

Many recurring trips are organized by your activities department and are planned well in advance. Some examples include:

  • A grocery trip that happens every Tuesday and Thursday of every week.
  • A trip to Sunday mass every week.
  • A trip to the symphony that happens the last Friday of every month.

Tip: Each night TheWorxHub scans your recurring trips and generates the necessary instances of these trips.

Adding a Recurring Trip

This Watch, Listen and Learn video provides step-by-step instructions on how to add a recurring trip.


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