Work Orders

    Accepting a Work Request and Assigning Labor

    Accept a work request, turn it into a work order, and assign the work to a member of staff or to a contractor.

    Adding a Work Order Directly

    Bypass the request process and enter work orders directly, if you have the required information to hand.

    Updating the Status of a Work Order

    Find a work order and change its status - mark it complete, put it on hold, cancel it - directly from the manager's dashboard.

    Entering Labor Time

    Find the work orders you want and enter labor time to them directly from the dashboard. Learn how TheWorxHub is able to recognize different time formats.

    Viewing Recent Activity on a Work Order

    View records and time stamps for every change and update to a work order, from the moment it's accepted to the time it's marked complete. All this information can be found in the Log panel with just a few clicks of the mouse.

    Completing a Work Order

    Use the Completion Wizard to assign labor and close out a work order directly from the dashboard.

    Using the 'On Hold' Status

    The On Hold status lets you give work orders a special designation to indicate that something is delaying that work. This could be that you're waiting for parts, you need approval, etc. TheWorxHub provides easy to use dashboard options to keep track of work that is on hold.

    Watch, Listen and Learn Video: Entering Labor Time and Marking a Work Order Complete

    This Watch, Listen and Learn video provides step-by-step instruction on how to combine entering labor time and completing the work order quickly and easily right from the dashboard.

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