Accepting a Work Request and Assigning Labor

1: Accept the Request

Point your mouse to a pending request on the dashboard to activate mouseover actions. Click the Accept action to accept the request.


2: Enter the Required Information

Set the priority, category, and subcategory for the request by choosing from the relevant pick lists. Click Save to save the request as a new work order.

Note: The information in the Location, Description, Detail, and Source of Work fields is carried over automatically from the work request.


3: Assign Labor

Click and expand the Labor panel at the bottom of the work order. In the Add Labor section, select the checkboxes for one or more staff members or contractors to assign them to the work order. Click Add Selected to complete the assignment.

Note: To help with assigning labor, the Labor panel also displays the trades of each staff member and the number of work orders currently assigned to them.


Accepting & Assigning a Work Request

This Watch, Listen and Learn video shows the step by step instruction on how to accept a work request, turn it into a work order, and assign the work to a member of staff of to a contractor.


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