Adding a Work Order Directly

1: Add a Work Order

Click the Add New… function on the dashboard and select Work Order from the list of options.

Add New button

2: Enter the Work Order Information

Choose a department to handle the task and a priority for the work from the available pick lists. Choose a location with the Location Finder, then enter a brief description of the job in the Description field.
Choose a category, subcategory, and source for the work, then click Save.

Tip: Use the Detail field to provide additional information about the work. This helps department personnel understand the job completely and send the most qualified person with the right parts and equipment.

New Work Order

3: Assign Labor

Click and expand the Labor panel at the bottom of the work order. In the Add Labor section, select the checkboxes for one or more staff members or contractors to assign them to the work order. Click Add Selected to complete the assignment.

Tip: Use the Simple Search function on the Labor panel to quickly locate a staff or contractor profile. This powerful search feature matches any text you enter against the Name and Trades fields of staff and the Name, Trades, and Primary Contact field of contractors.

Labor panel

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