Completing a Work Order

1: Check the Work Order

Check that the work order is marked with a lightning bolt symbol on the dashboard. This indicates that all required information has been entered to allow it to be completed.

Note: If the work order is not marked with a lightning bolt, some additional information is required before it can be closed out. Most often, you'll need to assign the person who did the work.

lightning bolt symbol

2: Mark the Work Order Complete

Point your mouse to the work order to activate mouseover actions. Click the Complete action.

Tip: Select multiple work orders and mark them complete in a single batch action by clicking the Complete batch action at the top of the display. If multiple workers are assigned to any of the selected work orders, TheWorxHub assumes the entire work order is complete and marks it complete on behalf of all assigned.

Complete button

3: Enter Completion Information

TheWorxHub provides advanced options when multiple people are assigned to the same work order. 

Tip: Select Bill to Resident to have the work automatically billed to the resident. Billed work appears on the dashboard as an item in Billings to Send.

When 1 Person is Assigned

If only one person is assigned, they are displayed on the Completion pop-up with a check mark in the Complete column. You can also enter labor time at this point using the Log Time field next to their name. Enter a note about the completion of the work in the Notes  field. If necessary, change the completion date and time to accurately reflect when the work was actually completed, then click Save to complete this work order.

One -person -assigned

When 2 or More People are Assigned

You can mark the work order complete for one person, while the work order remains open for the others.

The complete checkbox indicates for which person the work order is being marked complete.

  • if you are assigned to a work order, it will always default to just your complete checkbox as checked when you first open the Completion pop-up. Enter additional time, enter a note and click Save to mark your portion as complete.
  • if you are not assigned to the work order -- you are a manager or dispatcher -- it will always default the complete checkbox to checked for all assigned workers. You can uncheck the checkbox for any that still aren't complete then click Save

Two -people -assigned

Note: A work order is not officially complete until all complete checkboxes are checked for all assigned workers. Workers with their portion marked complete will not see the work order on their Just My Work dashboard indicator.

Note: If you mistakenly complete the work order for one staff member, you can reopen the Completion pop-up, and click the undo link where the complete checkbox used to be. Then click Save to reopen the work order for that person.

 Already -complete

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