Entering Labor Time

1: Find the Incomplete Work Order

Use the Super Search function on the dashboard to find the work order you want to add labor time to.

Note: Super Search lets you search the contents of your display directly from the dashboard. Use a keyword from the work order, the work order number, or even the name of the assigned staff member to narrow the list and easily find the work order you want.

Super Search field

2: Enter Labor Time

Point your mouse to the work order to activate mouseover actions, and click the Enter Labor Time action.

Tip: Check the work order to make sure labor has actually been assigned before you enter labor time. You can't enter time if no-one has yet been assigned to carry out the work.

Enter Labor Time button

3: Enter Time

Enter the time spent on the work in the Enter Time field on the Labor Time popup and click Save.

Note: The Enter Time field recognizes a variety of time formats. For example, 1.25, 1h 15m, 1:15, and 1 15 are all recognized as meaning 1 hour and 15 minutes.

Labor Time popup

Tip: When using the Completion pop-up from the dashboard mouse-over actions, you have another opportunity to enter labor time. This form displays any time logged to date, and you can also enter more time before you click Save to complete the work order.

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