Work Requests

    Adding a Work Request

    Add a work request in three easy steps. All you need to know is: where the work will happen, what needs to be done, and who's asking for it.

    Choosing a Location

    Use the powerful location picker to quickly find any location on even the largest campus, or drill down to the location you want with the location tree.

    Checking the Status of a Work Request

    Monitor the requests you've made as they're accepted and turned into work orders. Follow them while they're in progress, and see when they're completed.

    Notifying Others Automatically

    Add notifications to your requests to keep managers, other staff, and family members in the loop about the progress of work.

    Watch, Listen and Learn Video: How to Add a Request

    This Watch, Listen and Learn video provides step-by-step instruction on how to add a new work request.

    Touchtown Service Request Integration

    If you're using Touchtown Community Apps, TheWorxHub can retrieve requests submitted by the Touchtown Community Apps and import them into your work request workflow that you rely on everyday when using TheWorxHub.

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