Adding a Work Request

1: Login to TheWorxHub

Click TheWorxHub icon on your desktop to open the Login page. Enter your username and password in the Username and Password fields, then click Login.

Tip: If you don't see TheWorxHub icon on your desktop, contact your community's technical support person for help.

TheWorxHUb login

2: Add a New Request

Click the button for the department you're submitting your request to.

Note: The number of buttons you see depends on which departments in your community use TheWorxHub, and on the permissions that are assigned to your personal account.

Adding a request image

3: Enter Request Information

Choose the location for the work. The Location Finder starts suggesting possible locations as soon as you begin typing. Enter a brief description of the work in the Description field. Choose the source of the work from the Source of Work pick list. Enter the name of the person making the request in the Requestor field, then click I'm Done.

Tip: Use the Detail field to provide additional information about the work. This helps department personnel understand the job completely and send the most qualified person with the right parts and equipment.

Requestor field

Adding a Work Request

This Watch, Listen and Learn video provides step-by-step instruction on how to add a new work request.


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