Checking the Status of a Work Request

1: Find the Work Request

In the Global Search field, type a keyword for the request you're seeking - for example, the resident's name - and click Search.

Note: A resident's name, a location, or even a word from the work description is enough to allow Global Search to find the request you want.

Global Search field

2: Check the Status of the Request

Find the work request in the search grid. Note its current status, displayed in the Status column, second from the left.

Tip: If the list of results is still very long, use the filters above the search grid to narrow it down even further.

Status column

3: Get More Detail

Double click to open the request. The current status is clearly displayed in the top right section of the form. Click and expand the Log panel at the bottom of the form to display all status changes and notes about the request.

Note: Recent requests are listed in Your Recent Requests on the Requestor Portal. View the status of a listed work request by pointing your mouse to the color-coded Status indicator for the request, or double clicking to open the request.

Requestor Portal

Checking the Status of a Request

This Watch, Listen and Learn video provides step-by-step instructions on how to check the status of a work request.


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