Choosing a Location

1: Add a New Request

Click the button for the department you're submitting your request to.

Note: The number of buttons you see depends on which departments in your community use TheWorxHub, and on the permissions that are assigned to your personal account.

New Request tab

2: Enter the Location

Begin typing a location for the work in the Location field. The Location Finder offers a list of possible locations that match what you've typed. Choose the correct location to add it to the field.

Tip: Rather than typing a location, try entering the name of a resident. TheWorxHub can find locations just as easily from resident names.

Location Finder

3: Alternatively, Use the Location Tree

The location tree provides a more visual way to select a location that lets you "step through" the different levels of your community. Click the Tree View icon to the right of the Location field. Use the [+] and [-] buttons to expand and contract the branches of the Location Tree, select a location, then click Choose Highlighted Location to add this to the request.

Location Tree

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