Notifying Others Automatically

1: Add the Request

Add and fill out the request in the normal way. Before you click I'm Done, click the Notify Others link at the bottom of the form.

Note: People added for notification are updated automatically when the request is made, accepted as a work order, edited, and completed.

New Maintenance Request

2: Choose the Person

Choose the person to be notified about the progress of this work request from the Name pick list. If the person's email address exists in the system it appears automatically in the Email field.

Note: Any special contacts that have been set up for a resident appear on the notification list for work requests at that resident's unit. Staff with profiles in TheWorxHub can also be chosen for notification.

Name pick list

3: Choose the Method

Select one or both of the Email Updates and Dashboard checkboxes to specify how the notification will be made, then click I'm Done.

Note: Dashboard notifications are available only to people with access to TheWorxHub. When a dashboard notification is set up, the person notified can track the progress of the request on the Your Recent Requests widget on their Requestor Portal.

I'm Done button

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