Touchtown Service Request Integration

Touchtown is a leading provider of senior living resident lifestyle solutions. One of their offerings - Community Apps - offers residents real-time access to community information right from a smart phone, tablet or browser. Residents get a powerful set of senior-friendly apps that directly connect them to your community's services and programs.

A critical part of the Touchtown Community Apps offering is the ability to submit a service request for an issue in the resident's apartment, such as air conditioning problems, lighting problems or housekeeping issues. TheWorxHub can retrieve requests submitted by the Touchtown Community Apps and import them into your work request workflow that you rely on throughout each day.

Tip: Contact us if you're using Touchtown Community Apps and are interested in implementing this integration.

Submitting a Request via the Touchtown Community Apps

Once the integration is setup, getting your residents to submit a service request via the Touchtown Community Apps is simple. 

1: Open the Services App

Locate and tap on the Services app.



2: Submit the Request

  1. Tap a request category on the left hand side.
  2. Type in any important details in the Notes field.
  3. Tap the checkbox to specify whether staff can enter your home.
  4. Tap the Submit Request button to finalize your service request.



Processing the Request in TheWorxHub

Within 5 minutes, the request submitted via the Touchtown Services app will appear in your Dashboard > Pending Requests area. From here you can accept the request as you would any other pending request.

View -pendingrequests

Tip: All requests submitted via Touchtown Community apps will route to your maintenance department unless you're running a Housekeeping department in TheWorxHub. If you have Housekeeping in TheWorxHub, any Touchtown Service Request with a Housekeeping category will be sent to your housekeeping dashboard.

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