February 1 - New Release Online

February 1, 2018

We've just rolled out an update with some great new features as well as a number of fixes.

Mixed Mode Single Sign-On

We've made some important changes to our Single Sign-On (SSO) add-on to allow authentication via your corporate identify provider, like active directory, as well as the ability to login via a WorxHub managed username and password. This allows us to more reliably support SSO customers who also have residents, tenants or other non-corporate WorxHub users leveraging the system.

If you were already an SSO user, visiting yoursite.theworxhub.com would automatically redirect you to your authentication provider and log you into TheWorxHub. Now visiting your default URL like mysite.theworxhub.com will land you on a login page, where you'll need to click the Login via SSO link to automatically login via your corporate credentials.


If you're a mobile user, you'll see the same option on the mobile login page.


If you are an SSO user who only logs-in via your corporate credentials and have a browser or desktop bookmark/favorite that you use to access TheWorxHub, we suggest editing it to add /sso to the end. 

So if your bookmark looks like https://mysite.theworxhub.com, you should edit it to be https://mysite.theworxhub.com/sso


Parent-Child Room Blocking in Room Bookings App

For users of our Room Bookings app, we now support the ability to have parent-child rooms where booking one room prevents booking of another. 

Take this as an example. I have 3 rooms:

  • Party Hall
    • Ballroom A
    • Ballroom B

Party Hall is a large ballroom that can be separated into two separate smaller ballrooms. Now we can configure Ballroom A and B to automatically prevent booking of Party Hall when either of them are booked and vice versa.

In the example above, use Search > Location to find both Ballroom A and Ballroom B, open the Room Bookings panel and check Make Parent Unbookable When This Room Is Booked, then save. It's a mouthful, but there's even more. By checking this, the reverse situation also applies. The child room becomes unbookable when the parent is booked.


When the Make Parent Unbookable option is selected, both the Requestor Calendar and Room Booking Dashboard Calendar will show parent-child rooms as blocked off and unbookable.


Security App Daily Log Report 'Show All Rounds Check-ins' Option

We've added a new option to the Security > Daily Log report. Now on the right hand side in the Options section, you'll see a new option called Show All Rounds Check-Ins . Checking this will show all checkpoint check-ins on the report. Leaving it unchecked will only show Rounds Starting/Ending, Incidents, Notes and Requests. This can greatly help to simplify the report output by eliminating the noise of all the checkpoint check-ins.



Fixes & Improvements

  • Fixed error on mobile when using a Work Request template in either the Room Booking or Security app.
  • Fixed issue in ADT api with apostrophes in resident names.
  • Added ability to delete attachments in the Security app incident form on desktop.
  • Optimized WorxIQ work order widget filters for Days Overdue and Days Open.
  • Fixed issue with seeing a blank pop-up for corporate contractors in WorxIQ.
  • Fixed issue in room bookings with cancelled bookings showing the wrong note in the log.
  • Fixed some issues in permissions with users able to edit room bookings when they shouldn't have permission to do so.
  • Fixed issue with 'Hide Description In Billing Export' feature where a default setting was not being set.
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