New Features & Fixes in TheWorxHub

April 13, 2014

We just rolled out an update to TheWorxHub which contains some great new features, improvements and bug fixes. Here's what was added: 

Number of Records Visible in Search

Anytime you're searching for data under the Search tab, TheWorxHub displays 10 records per page by default. You can change this setting and now TheWorxHub remembers this setting during the entire time you're logged in. If you change it to 25, it remembers that each time you return to the Search tab.


Calendar View Activated for Transportation App

A new calendar view is available for users of the Transportation App. This calendar is available from various places on your dashboard:

  • Trip Requests
  • Trip Schedule
  • All Trips
  • Just My Trips

Calendar View

The calendar view is read-only at this point, which means you can only view the appointments but you cannot drag-and-drop or edit from the calendar (we do plan to roll out that functionality in the future though).

Monthly, Weekly and Driver Views Available

Monthly View



Weekly View



Driver View


Calendar View Available to Requestors

Often those submitting trip requests need a clear picture of the current transportation schedule. With the new calendar view, this is only a single-click away. Right below the Transportation Request button is a new View Transportation Calendar link that launches this same calendar view.



Email Notifications for Driver Assignment

For users of the Transportation app, you can setup your drivers to receive email notifications when they're assigned to a trip. To setup a driver to receive email notifications, open their staff record and check the Email me when I get assigned to work checkbox.  Now, as soon as they're assigned to a trip, an email notification goes out with all the trip details.



Fixes & Improvements

  • Fixed issue when using the Worker filter in search or reports. Selections weren't persisting when you navigated to another page in the worker list.
  • Fixed rounding issue on the Billing Summary area of a work order.
  • Added ad hoc inventory items to the Work Order Form print out.
  • Added Recurring Only checkbox filter to Search > Trips to limit the search results to recurring trips only.
  • In the Trip Form, favorite destinations are now sorted by favorite type in the drop down list. On Campus locations are always at the top of the list making it easier to pick a different starting location.
  • Fixed issue with Staff Schedule dashboard indicator where sometimes scheduled appointments weren't displaying in time order.
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