Apr 20th - New Release Online

Apr 20, 2017

We've rolled out an update at 12:00AM EST on April 20th with a few features and fixes.

WorxIQ - Jump Into TheWorxHub Sites Without Logging In

WorxIQ is a business intelligence layer that runs on-top of TheWorxHub and allows for multi-site roll-ups of data into one centralized dashboarding and reporting tool. Previously, if you were a WorxIQ user with access to 10 sites, if you wanted to login to those 10 sites to look at detailed data, you'd need to create a user account in each site -- rather annoying. 

Now, if you're logged into WorxIQ you can immediately jump into any WorxHub site you have access to through a nifty picker up in the top right. Just click on the site, you'll be prompted to confirm, then a new browser tab will open and you'll be immediately logged in without having to re-key your password!

Expect your browser's pop-up blocker to interfere the first time. Just tell your browser to allow pop-ups for your WorxIQ site and it'll remember that setting. Here's some notes on doing this in Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer.



Room Booking Email Notifications With Calendar Invites

Now when you receive an email notification for a new room booking event that you're subscribed to, attached to the email will be an .ics file. This file can be opened and saved to your Outlook, Google, or Apple calendar! Furthermore, whenever an appointment time gets changed in TheWorxHub, a new .ics file will go to the mailing list and it can be used to update the date/time of that appointment in your Outlook or Google calendar.. 




Fixes & Improvements

  • Fixed issue with permission to enter checkbox not picking up the right setting from a resident profile.
  • Fixed issue with Surveys report tab showing for sites not licensed for add-on Surveys/Inspections app.
  • Fixed issue with floorplan dropdown not showing when adding a new location inside Settings > Location for senior living customers.
  • Introduced validation on work order and trip completion dates preventing you from inserting an obviously incorrect date like 0201-02-05!
  • Fixed issue in Asset PM Analysis report where % complete on time statistic could be off in some scenarios.
  • Fixed issue in some versions of iOS where sometimes scanning a barcode would show a blank page with 'barcode' in the URL.
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