New Update to TheWorxHub!

April 22, 2012

Last night we rolled out a new update to TheWorxHub with a number of new features and improvements. Here's what's changed:

Logos on the Invoice

You can now get a logo to print on the work order invoice. First, you'll need to upload a logo file to Settings > Work Order > Print Logo in the bottom right.

logo for invoice

More File Types Allowed for Attachments

We've made some changes in the system to allow for the upload of more attachment file types, including Excel and Word files!

Enhanced Staff/Contractor Log Panels

In your staff or contractor form, the log panel is now updated each time 'forgot my password' feature is used, or a password reset requested. Similarly, a log panel entry is posted for staff and contractors when they are marked inactive or active.

change log button

Work Load Analysis Update

A great update was added to the work load analysis report. It now shows statistics for % Completed and well as Average Days Open.

work load analysis report

A Quick List of Other Features

  • Performance improvements when assigning labor and entering labor time.
  • Added a 'move back in' function to Previous Resident panel for circumstances where you mistakenly move someone out.
  • Added cell phone number to Mobile Worx resident info.
  • Added Created By and Created On info to Work Order search and Work Request search portal.
  • Added Asset# and Tag field to asset export.
  • Increased the size of the Flat Rate amount when entering a total labor value to allow for $10,000 or greater.
  • Increased the number of scheduled work orders that can be manually generated in a batch - generate up to 100 using a batch action.
  • In Search > Work Orders, moved Work Order # filter to be part of the basic filters. Moved location filter to appear directly below the Description filter.

Important Report Favorites Notice

In our last release we introduced a problem with some report favorites not working. We've resolved all of these issues, except for one. Any report favorite that included a filter on multiple locations will not work and will need to be deleted and recreated. For example, let's say that you created a report to show you all open work orders in any location in the east wing. This means that you would have filtered on location and selected each room in the east wing. A report favorite like this will not work anymore and needs to be deleted and recreated.

Other Fixes

  • Fixed issue with inventory usage date being wrong when assigned through mobile.
  • Fixed random stack overflow error in Internet Explorer when using the location manager.
  • Added separate columns for resident first and last name to data export
  • Minimized the resident mini-form after using 'Change Location' function in the Settings > Location Manager in order to prevent mistakenly moving them back in afterwards.
  • Fixed issue with permission to enter on IT Services not being set correctly
  • Fixed issue with unpublished surveys still showing on mobile devices
  • Fixed issue with Work Order History panel print option not showing the work order status correctly. Also fixed error when printing this panel in Internet Explorer.
  • Fixed problem with start dates and due dates not defaulting to today when creating a new project from a template.
  • Fixed issues with periodic problems when changing the status of a work order via the pop-up form in search
  • Fixed issue with some report favorites not running, and editing report favorites would generate an error.
  • Forced assigned inventory displaying in work order to sort in the order that they were assigned.
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