Lots of New Features in TheWorxHub

April 26, 2015

This month we've got all sorts of great new features! From better deactivation of staff members, to custom mapping in the Transportation app, to batch editing of scheduled work orders -- and that's just to start. Grab a seat and read all about what's been added.

Single Click Deactivation of Staff Members & Contractors

When a staff member is no longer working with your organization, it used to be a multi-step process to remove them from certain areas in TheWorxHub. Now, in a single click you can deactivate a staff member removing them from all assignable labor areas, as well as hiding them from search. You can still find them when needed and even report on their work history even after deactivating them.

You Need a New Security Permission

In order to access the deactivate staff member option, your security role needs a new permission.

  • Go to Settings > Users.
  • Click on the Role to update on the left hand side.
  • Expand the Staff/Contractors panel.
  • Check Can Deactivate Staff/Contractors (Note: you also need view or edit staff/contractors permission).
  • Click the Save button at the bottom to save the security role settings.

To Deactivate a Staff Member

  • Go to Search > Staff/Contractor.
  • Use search filters to find the staff member to deactivate.
  • Click on their name to pop-up the staff form.
  • Click the Deactivate Staff Member button.


Unassign Staff from Current Assignments

When a staff member leaves, it's important to unassign them from open work order assignments, scheduled work orders, templates, or, if you own the Transportation app, driving assignments. TheWorxHub helps you with this. Once you deactivate a staff member you'll see a helper window giving you links to all the open assignments -- use the helper window like a remote control to navigate to those records and unassign the deactivated staff member.


Activate Staff Member

If you mistakenly deactivate a staff member, not to worry! The deactivate button that you clicked previously becomes an Activate Staff Member button. Just click that to activate them. NOTE: you will need to set their Role back to what it was previously. If you've forgotten, just expand the Log panel to see what it used to be before.


New Filter in Search For Finding Deactivated Staff

Once a staff member is deactivated, they're removed from all sorts of lists in TheWorxHub, including Search > Staff/Contractor. If you ever want to find them in search, check the Include Deactivated Staff/Contractors checkbox before searching.


Note:  All of the functionality described above applies to deactivating a contractor as well!

Batch Edit Scheduled Work Orders

One common feature request we've received over the years is the ability to batch edit scheduled work orders. There are often times where you want to update many scheduled work orders at once. Here' s a couple examples.

  • Maybe a housekeeper is no longer working there and you want to reassign someone else to all of their recurring work orders.
  • Maybe you want to add a new task list item to all of your monthly cleaning jobs in your apartment area. 
  • Maybe all of your 1:15pm-2:00pm housekeeping jobs in your apartment area are now going to run for 15 minutes longer -- until 2:15pm.

This update includes batch edit capabilities for assignments, descriptions, start/end times, task lists and more. We're still working on other capabilities to allow you to batch cancel, batch update the recurrence pattern, batch update billing and more.

You Need a Security Permission

To access the Scheduled WO Updates action, you'll first need to ensure your role has permission for:

  • General > Actions Tab
  • Work Orders > Can Batch Update Scheduled WOs

Access the Scheduled WO Updates Under the Actions Tab

  • Go to Actions > Scheduled WO Updates.
  • Use filters and click Search Now to find exactly the scheduled work orders that you want to update. This part works just like the filters you're familiar with under your Search tab.
  • Use the checkboxes on the left to select the items to update.
  • Use Batch Assign to assign staff to or unassign staff from the selected scheduled work orders.
  • Alternatively, click Batch Edit to pop-up an edit window allowing you to edit various pieces of information. 


Even add a new task list item!


Customize Your Results Grid

When searching for scheduled work orders to batch edit, sometimes you need to see certain columns of information in order to know that you're selecting exactly the right records. To customize your results grid click the Customize Results Grid link to open a form allowing you to move columns left and right and even remove columns altogether. These settings get stored in your personal profile so the grid is always customized for you when you login to TheWorxHub!


Don't Forget to Save!

We've often found that when editing data in a pop-up form, sometimes you can end up closing the pop-up without saving and losing all of the edits you just made. Now, TheWorxHub will notify you when you have unsaved information in a pop-up and you attempt to close it. 


If you meant to save the info, just click No to remain in the pop-up, then click your Save button to save your changes. If you truly want to close the pop-up and don't need to save your changes, just click Yes.

In another update also related to knowing when to Save, you'll start to notice that your Save button is disabled when no data has changed and there's no need to save. Once you start to edit something, you'll see the Save button become active indicating that a save is required.


Transportation App: Fix Addresses That Can't be Found

For those running our add-on Transportation app there can be times where TheWorxHub can't find an address that you've entered. We've seen this in circumstances where a destination is on a college or university campus, or on a street that isn't on traditional maps.

Now, anytime TheWorxHub doesn't understand an address, you'll first see a red X next to your destination. You can click that X to open a pop-up form to tell TheWorxHub where that destination is.


If you don't notice the red x, you'll see the same pop-up form when you attempt to save the trip.

In this pop-up form, you can use the map provided to zoom in/out, scroll left and right to find the location that you're trying to get it. Once you find it, just double-click on the spot. You'll see a map pin get dropped. Once you see your map pin appear, click the Use button in the bottom right to save this location in TheWorxHub. So even when we don't understand the address that you've typed in, you can just tell us exactly where on the map that location is.


Mobile App Updates

We've added several great new features to our add-on mobile app!

Search Work Orders or Trips!

Sometimes you can end up trying to find a work order in long lists of incomplete work orders, or a trip in a long list of trips in the mobile Transportation app.

Now at the top of all work order lists and trip lists, a new search field is available. Just start typing to search the list to find whatever it is you're looking for!

mobile search.png

Action Menu Added to Barcoding Pages

When you use our add-on Barcoding app to a scan a barcode from your mobile dashboard, TheWorxHub will show you open work orders for the scanned asset, location or inventory item. Now, if you're assigned to any of those work orders, you now get an Action menu to the left of the work order so you can start a job timer right from the list!


Away Notifications Added To Mobile

In TheWorxHub main app, inside a resident profile you can setup away notifications whenever a resident household is going to be away from their unit for an extended period of time. Now the mobile app will display a notification at the top of any work order due to occur in that resident's unit during the time they're scheduled to be away.

mobile away notification.png 

Pulse Tab Updates

For managers monitoring their workforce via the Pulse tab, you'll find two new useful features.

Discard Timers

There comes a time where a staff member forgets to stop their timer. Maybe they started a timer in the mobile app then damaged their smartphone and weren't able to stop the timer. Perhaps they went on holidays and forgot a timer running. Now you can discard a running timer by hovering your mouse over a staff timer then clicking Discard Timer.


See Recently Completed Work Orders

Throughout the day, staff members are logging time and completing work orders. Now you can see a running feed of all of the recently completed work orders. On the right side of the Pulse tab you'll see the last 5 work orders completed. If you want to see more work orders, just click Load 5 More to pull in previously completed work orders. You can even click on these work orders to pop-up the work order form to review or edit details.


Control Location of Corrective Work Order Triggered by Site Meter Reading

Let's use an example of a daily water temperature reading. In TheWorxHub you can setup a scheduled work order to trigger corrective action anytime a temperature reading is out of range. Previously the corrective work order triggered always picked up the location specified in the scheduled work order. Now, you can specify that the triggered work order should pick up the location of the meter reading. Just update this setting inside the Meter Based Recurrence section of a scheduled work order.


Disable and Duplicate Project Templates

Projects are an easy way in TheWorxHub to create and manage large refurb and renovation jobs, as well as large multi-unit or multi-asset inspection or PM jobs. To streamline the creation of projects, setting up project templates in Settings > Projects is important. There are two new features that improve the process of working with project templates.

Disable Project Templates

Let's say you had a certain refurb template that you used for 1 bedroom apartments in one of your buildings. Now that building has been demolished and you've now got obsolete project templates cluttering up the system. To remove these:

  • Go to Settings > Projects.
  • Click on the project template to disable.
  • Click the Disable This Template link in the bottom left to hide this template


Duplicate Project Templates

Let's say you're creating a number of project templates for various refurbs for your 1 and 2 bedroom apartments. The 2 bedroom template is identical to the 1 bedroom template except it has 3 more work orders linked to it. With this new feature, you could create your 1 bedroom template, then duplicate and add the extra 3 work orders. This will save lots of time when creating similar project templates.

To duplicate an existing template in Settings > Projects:

  1. Click on the template to duplicate so that it's highlighted.
  2. Now click the drop down arrow to the right of +Add New Project Template and select Duplicate Project Template.

duplicate project template.png

TIP: If you're new to projects, read through our great Projects section of this help site. Also, for info on recurring projects take a look at our webinar recording Recurring Projects -- Add OOMPH to your PM and Inspections.

Save an Ad Hoc Survey to Finish Later

For those running our add-on QA & Surveys app, you have always been able to add an ad hoc survey in the main app under Add New > QA Survey. In the past you had to complete the survey in its entirety including entering the score before saving it. Now you can enter a staff member name and a location name to survey, then save where you're at. You can find this survey later on your Dashboard > Open QA Surveys when it's time to score it.


TIP: To learn more about what our add-on QA & Surveys app can do, take a look at the QA & Surveys section of this help site as well as this recorded webinar Tracking & Improving Quality.

Duplicate a Purchase Order

If you're using the purchase order component of our PO & Inventory add-on app, you can now find any existing PO and duplicate it. This can be a great time saver for frequent orders.

  • Go to Search > POs to search for a PO
  • Double-click on the PO that you want to duplicate so it opens in a tab
  • Now click the drop down arrow to the right of the + New Purchase Order button and select Duplicate PO.


Customize the Order of your Tabs in Worx IQ

If you're using the add-on reporting and analytics app, Worx IQ, you can now customize the order of your dashboard widget tabs. Just right-click on any tab to reveal options for moving tabs right or left.


Fixes & Improvements

  • Click the new Sort link in any pick list under Settings > Picklists to sort your pick list alphabetically.
  • Inside a work order form, expand the Work Order History panel at the bottom and now you can double-click on any work order listed to open it in a tab.
  • When you scan a location barcode from the mobile dashboard, the open work orders list will now include any pending requests for that location.
  • Speed boost added to Calendar tab to reduce load time dramatically.
  • Fixed issue where some work order info wasn't transferring to new project work orders created via some project templates.
  • Fixed transportation billing export showing wrong account numbers for some secondary residents.
  • Fixed issue in Transportation app where printed directions would periodically list the destinations in the wrong order.
  • Details of pick-ups now logged in trip Log panel.
  • Double-click an Ad Hoc Passenger on a Trip to edit their special notes.
  • Updated purchase orders to ensure Order Date gets set automatically when you update a PO status to Ordered.
  • Updated purchase orders to allow you to delete shipping and billings addresses.
  • Fixed issue with work orders disappearing when using mobile app offline and creating a new work order then assigning staff immediately.
  • Added filter to Search > Staff/Contractor called Account Status allowing you to show only those with active login accounts, inactive accounts, or no accounts at all.
  • Click on a column to sort data on any search results grid under the Search tab and now TheWorxHub will save this sort with your user preferences for the next time you visit the same tab.
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