TheWorxHub v6 Update

April 28, 2016

This is a rather large update with A LOT of new features, so we thought we'd put together a preview of what's coming on Thursday, April 28th. Starting at 2am EDT April 28th TheWorxHub will be offline for 2 hours to complete the update so please plan accordingly.

Most items new require no action to be taken, but there are a few new features that require new security permissions to be assigned before everyone can leverage them.

Because there's so much stuff, we're grouping updates in the following areas. Just click to jump to that area, or if you don't want to skip ahead, just scroll away!

In-App Guides

Work Order & Asset Updates

Mobile Updates

Staff Updates

QA & Survey Updates

Transportation Updates

Report Favorite Updates

Other Fixes and Improvements


In-App Guides

Starting on April 28th you'll start to see new guides available throughout the app. These are designed to draw your attention to new features and to provide more info or context on items. Any time you see a red New, you can click on that to get more info! 


Work Order & Asset Updates

Compliance Indicator

It's always been a bit of a challenge to reliably and consistently identify work orders as compliance related. When we say compliance this can mean with the state, NFPA, CMS, Joint Commission, you name it. Normally you'll want to easily identify, respond to and report on all compliance related items in a more urgent way, and now it's easier to do just that. 

We've added a new Is Compliance Related checkbox to all work orders, scheduled work orders, templates and even work requests. 


IMPORTANT TIP: To give yourself or others access to this new checkbox, you need to update security permissions in Settings > Users. This checkbox is made visible by the Work Orders > Can See Compliance Checkbox permission.

Now that you can identify work orders as compliance, it's time to monitor them closely. You can activate a new Compliance dashboard indicator to highlight any open compliance related work. It will even turn red as soon as there's an overdue compliance item!


IMPORTANT TIP:  To give yourself or others access to this new indicator, you need to update security permissions in Settings > Users. This indicator is made visible by the Dashboard > Work Orders - Compliance permission.

We've even rolled the compliance concept into your Pulse > Staff Assignments area. This Compliance Only checkbox filter lets you limit the counts of work orders assigned to staff to just those that are compliance. A great feature for stand-up meetings!


Task List Overhaul

We've done a rethink on task lists in TheWorxHub. Many of you rely on task lists for scheduled work and detailed PM procedures, and now it's even easier to build large task lists.

First, when creating a new work order or scheduled work order, you can now add a task list without first saving the work order which simplifies your work flow. Just click the edit task list link to pop-up a form allowing for quick addition of tasks, 10 at a time.


Secondly, we've added a procedures field so each task can be accompanied by a longer procedure which keeps your task lists thorough yet organized.


And finally, now you can link a meter and require a specific number of readings as part of a task!


Also keep in mind that all of your task lists, procedures and linked meters are available on mobile.



Separate Permission to Access Scheduled Work Orders

Previously we only had one permission - Can Add & Search Work Order which provided access to add/edit any work order or scheduled work order. Now, you can restrict access to recurring scheduled/PM work orders with a separate permission under Setttings > Users > Work Orders > Add & Search Scheduled Work Orders. Review your security roles and remove this permission where necessary.


Batch Edit Assets

There's a new Asset security permission under Settings > Users called Can Batch Edit Assets. When this permission is added to your user account, you can then access a new action under the Actions Tab called Batch Edit Assets. 


Using this tool you can search for and select a number of similar assets, then update different types of data:

  • Nameplate Info: this includes descriptions, locations, model, serial, supplier etc.
  • Condition Assessments: if you have our Capital Planning add-on, you can apply a condition assessment against all of your selected assets.


Improved Email Notification Interface

Throughout work requests and work orders you can subscribe yourself and others to email notifications on status changes and other updates. This used to be a rather cumbersome and click-heavy exercise especially when building a long distribution list. Now this process is much much quicker where you can just start typing a persons name, when it's highlighted, press enter and start typing another name.



Mobile Updates

See Assets in a Location with Barcode Scan

If you have our barcoding app, whenever you scan a location barcode you'll now get quick access to see the assets that are in that location.


Attachments On Mobile when Adding a Request

When you're adding a new work request via the mobile app you can now included attachments, like pictures, right from your phone or tablet.


Staff Updates

Auto Subscribe to Updates on All Work You Create

By popular request we've added a new capability that can automatically subscribe you to updates on all work orders / requests that you create. Just open your staff record, and click Email me updates on all work orders I create.


Batch Edit Staff

Under the Actions tab you'll find a new Batch Edit Staff function. To get access to this, you'll need a new security permission under Settings > Users > Staff/Contractors called Can Batch Edit Staff.

Just use the search filters to find the staff/contractors you wish to update. Select them, click Batch Edit then apply your changes. Use this to:

  • batch update email notification settings
  • batch change security roles for users
  • batch assign department access to users
  • batch add trades to staff
  • batch update pay rates -- even do a % increase on pay rates
  • batch apply location access settings



Restrict Requestors to Certain Locations

Sometimes with your requestors, you want to limit them to a range of locations when they submit work requests -- well now you can do just that. Open up the staff form for a staff member and expand the Location Access panel to grant access to only specific locations. See animation below for an example of restricting a staff member to two of my four buildings.



QA & Surveys is now Surveys / Inspections

We've added a lot of new functionality to the add-on QA & Surveys app to enhance inspection type capabilities. Because of this, we're changing the name to Surveys / Inspections. Our previous Checklist style survey is now called Pass/Fail Inspection. With these changes come several concepts that are important to know.

Survey UI Improvements

When you link a survey / inspection to a work order or scheduled work order, or when you create an adhoc survey / inspection, we've made some changes to make the first two steps more intuitive.

Step 1: Pick a Survey

Here your surveys are now sorted by most frequently used. There's also a search at the top where you can type in what you're looking for if your list if quite long. Click Use This to move on to Step 2.


Step 2: Survey / Inspection Settings

We've made some changes to help clarify things with surveys.

Who is responding to this survey / inspection? It could be a resident in the unit, it could be the person who added a related work order, or it could be another staff member altogether.

Are you rating the work of a staff member? This section is typically used if this is a work quality inspection, or a resident satisfaction survey about a specific work order. Check 'yes' to pick a staff member now, or to tell TheWorxHub to remind you to attribute it to a staff member later when you're entering the survey results.

What location are you surveying? Every survey/inspection requires a location. If the survey is linked to a work order it will automatically pick up the location of the work order. If this is an adhoc survey/inspection you can enter a location on the fly.


Step 3: Enter Results

We've added some new UI elements to make this easier to use, especially with survey / inspections with lengthy questions. 

  • Pass for all button lets you immediately pass all questions, then find any failures and toggle those to fail. 
  • Progress bar in top right lets you know how far through the inspection you are.
  • You can save any survey / inspection at any time and return later to complete it.
  • As you hover your mouse over a question, you'll see a new option of Request. This lets you initiate a request for work into any department and relate it back to that question. The request will not be generated until you mark the entire survey as complete.


Rating Scale Results UI

We've also modified the rating scale results UI to make it easier to navigate, and we now can support a rating scale of 0-10.


Automatically Trigger Corrective Action

When setting up your inspection templates in Settings > Survey / Inspect you now have a very powerful option to automate corrective action workflows.

For each inspection point, you can link a corrective action work order template. This template can be triggered to generate a corrective work order automatically anytime you score 'fail' on that question.


Tip: To create corrective action templates, you'll first need to build out various work order templates in Settings > Templates.

Survey / Inspection Mobile Updates

When adding an adhoc survey/inspection on mobile you were previously forced to choose a worker at all times. Now you can toggle whether or not this pertains to rating work of a worker. If yes, then toggle the switch to Yes. If not, leave it at No.


When scoring a pass/fail inspection on mobile you'll also see a hamburger menu to the left of each question. Use this to create a work request on the fly linked back to the question.



New Survey / Inspection Report > Top Deficiencies

We've added a new report to tie into the new abilities to link ad hoc requests and corrective action templates directly to inspection points. Under Reports > Survey / Inspection you can find the Top Inspection Deficiencies report. Use this report to find out where you need to focus your attention. See your compliance percent and even get a snapshot of how many deficiencies (work orders) are still open.

Survey 11


Transportation Updates

If you own our add-on Transportation app, you'll love some of these new features to help with capacity, billing and getting directions.

Launch Turn-By-Turn Directions from Your Current Location

If you're a driver using our mobile app, you can tap on a trip destination at any point to launch your default mapping app on your device to get directions and turn-by-turn navigation from your current location!



Print a Trip Invoice

You can now print a trip invoice (finally) from your Trip Billing dashboard indicator or from inside the Billing panel on a trip form!


Tip: For more on billing in transportation see our topics and videos on Trip Billings and Custom Billables.


Ad Hoc Passenger Categories

When adding Ad Hoc passengers to a trip TheWorxHub now requires you to specify what type of passenger they are -- resident, caregiver, family, staff or other. This is important to some of our future ridership reporting goes and vehicle capacity planning. 


When adding a caregiver or family, you can optionallly specify which passenger they're related to.


Previously if a resident's profile indicated that they travelled with a caregiver, you would only see an icon next to that resident showing they they traveled with a caregiver. Now, the caregiver explicitly shows on the trip form giving you a more intuitive count of the number of passengers.

Report Favorite Updates

Report favorites are a powerful tool to let you save all of your most frequently run reports in an easy, single-click way. Now you can group favorites, edit and re-save, add custom notes and even share your favorites with others.

New Favorite Grouping

On your favorites tab, just click the Add Favorite Group button, give it a name and now you can move existing favorites or save new favorites to this group.



Add Favorite Notes

To capture all of your thinking on a report -- including what's included, when to run it and why it's important -- you can now add notes to a report. Simply click the Add Notes link and capture your thoughts. Even your notes are searchable on this page.



Tip: You can even get access to share a report favorite with other roles. Let's say you're a manager and you want to share a report with your technicians -- you'll need a new security permission under Settings > Users > Reports > Can Share Report Favorites with Other Roles.

Fixes & Improvements

  • Launch attachment file picker on mobile as soon as you tap attachments panel when there are no current attachments to same several taps.
  • Asset PM Analysis report added to perform advanced analytics on asset based PM history.
  • Reorganized asset and work order filters on some asset reports to clarify what filters applied to what types of data.
  • Grouped security roles under Settings > Users so it's easier to identify built-in WorxHub roles, corporate roles or roles that belong just to your site.
  • Relative date range filters added to all Survey/Inspection report so it's easier to do things like 'for the last 1 month' or 'for the last 1 full year'.
  • Asset Detail Form report added, great for printing a full summary of all info on an asset.
  • Duplicate an existing survey template in Settings > Survey/Inspect area.
  • New permissions added to restrict access to individual report tabs under Settings > Users > Reports.
  • Added Category drop-down filter on asset pickers inside work order and request form allowing you to limit large asset lists by category when looking for an asset to link to a work order.
  • Added column sorting (click column heading) to asset picker in work order form.
  • Added ability to provide permission for requestors to link assets on requests. You'll need a work order permission called Requestors Can Link Assets.
  • When clicking on a request in the Pending Requests dashboard indicator, the pop-up preview now shows any attachments that are linked.
  • In the mobile app, when you open up a Fixed Asset form, a new Attachments panel shows at the bottom providing access to any linked assets. Even upload new attachments (online only).
  • Asset condition pick list added to condition assessments and asset search for those running the add-on Capital Planning app.
  • Added ability to delete a room booking template.
  • On mobile added a confirmation when you discard a timer to prevent cases where you mis-click.
  • Improved UI when copying or adding a new security role.
  • Now hiding the --:-- on the calendar for jobs with no start time so you can see more of the work order description.
  • Fixed some bugs in room booking calendar where some events weren't showing or entire months didn't display due to unexpected data conditions.
  • Fixed error when linking equipment to a room booking where the app warned you that the equipment was out of service.
  • Fixed issue when changing inventory tax % in settings.
  • We now correctly hide deleted room booking setup/teardown templates from the template picker.
  • We now hide work history visible in the work order form for departments that are deactivated.
  • Fixed some extended cost calculation errors when adding multiple assets to a purchase order.
  • Optimized Settings > Templates to help alleviate some reported timeout errors.
  • Resolved issues where the work order asset panel label would indicate multiple linked assets, but when you expanded the panel you would only see one asset.
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