New Update to TheWorxHub!

April 3, 2012

A new update went online last night to add new features and resolve some issues in TheWorxHub!

Permission to Enter Notes Added to Mobile Work Order

We've made is easier to see the permission to enter status on a mobile work order, along with entry notes and other special notes. Previously you had to visit the Location/Resident Panel on the work order to see entry comments. Now these will appear right at the top of the work order form.

 Mobile -perm -to -enter


Mobile Worx - Tap-to-Call or Tap-to-Email

For those running Mobile Worx on a phone, you can now call a resident with a single tap. When viewing a work order, tap the Location/Resident panel > tap the Resident toggle at the top, then tap the phone icon next to the phone number. Your phone app will open with that phone number ready to call.

Similarly, the email button will automatically launch your email app and address an email to that resident.

Tap -to -call

Requestor Field Editable on Mobile Worx

Now on Mobile Worx, when adding a new work order, you can edit the Requestor field to specify who requested the work.

Requestor -editable 

Other Fixes & Minor Updates

  • Fix to eliminate various error messages that would creep up from time to time - like opening a work order from the dashboard would hang periodically and never load until you refreshed the page.
  • After moving a resident out or moving them internally via the Move History panel in the Resident Info tab, the page automatically refreshes to show the location as vacant.
  • When accepting a pending request, the Cancel link on the work order will automatically close that new work order leaving the original request as pending.
  • After tapping the 'Done' button on the Enter Labor Time form in Mobile Worx, the button is disabled to prevent you from tapping multiple times, preventing duplicate labor time entries.
  • Fixed issue with Mobile Worx updating the inventory usage log panel with the incorrect usage date.
  • Prevented the Printed flag from being set on work order when printing from a pending request.
  • Resolved issue with Inventory Category and Subcategory not obeying the 'visible' flag in Settings > Pick Lists.
  • Fixed issue with batch action selections persisting on dashboard. For example, if you batch completed a number of work orders, then selected another batch for printing, the previously selected batch would also print. This has been resolved.
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